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Human Life Now Entirely Taken Up With Checking Things

Humans now have something to do in the dead time between checking their phones and checking their iPad.

Corporate worker Jonathan Shultz said it was a relief to have something to fill in the time. “I’d been wondering what to do with that spare couple of seconds between clicking refresh on my Facebook feed, clicking refresh on my Instagram feed, and then clicking refresh on my Facebook feed again. Now there won’t be any awkward gaps of time spent not looking at something,” he said.

Rosie Pinkerman of Melbourne agreed. “Well thank goodness for that. On the train in the morning, there’s a huge lag between putting my phone in my pocket and then getting it out again. This new device means I’ll be able to glance at my wrist for any fresh news in between”.

Analyst Sarah Wilchere said the development was overdue. “Phones are great, but they’re all the way down in your pocket. So while they’re lovely for mulling over when you’ve got the luxury of spare time, they’re not so great for when you want to quickly check on something”.

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