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Camp Gallipoli™ v The Original Gallipoli: Can You Spot The 9 Differences?

This year’s Camp Gallipoli does a pretty good job of replicating the original Gallipoli event of 1915. But take a closer look and you may be able to spot some important differences. We’ve managed to spot nine. Can you find them all?

Here they are …

1. The logo: Camp Gallipoli’s logo uses a capitalised font. But the branding the diggers in 1915 would have seen used a lower-case script font, which was popular with designers at the time.

2. The entertainment: Camp Gallipoli will feature acts like Shannon Noll and You Am I, whereas the original Gallipoli will always be remembered for the legendary two-hour set from Aussie rockers AC-DC.

3. Parking: The Camp Gallipoli organisers have advised festival goers that they will not be able to drive directly up to their camping space. At the original Gallipoli there was ample parking available, and participants generally set up camp next to their car.

4. Ticketing: This year ticketing is being managed through Ticketek with most tickets sold online. In 1915 the majority of tickets were sold in-store.

5. Movies: Punters this year will settle in to watch Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner on the big screen. In 1915 they watched Crowe’s rom-com The Sum of Us.

6. The lawn: The grass at this year’s events will be left uncut for a week to provide a rustic feel for campers. The grass at Gallipoli was trimmed daily.

7. Breakfast: This year’s attendees will receive a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. Due to a catering mishap at the original Gallipoli, diggers were left without toast.

8. Swags: At this year’s event, Deluxe Camp Gallipoli Anzac Swags cost $279, and are available online or at Target. At the original Gallipoli, swags could only be bought at Target.

9. OH&S: This year’s OH&S policy advises campers against using guy ropes on their swags due to tripping hazards. In 1915 guy ropes were allowed, but signs at the site advised diggers to bend their knees before lifting their swag.

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