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Google Launches Funky New Tax Avoidance Lab

Tech giant Google today welcomed staff to a futuristic new workspace on Sydney’s Darling Harbour that will become a hub of innovation and tax avoidance.

Google spokesperson Sandra Leeman said the multi-million dollar space was a unique, innovative environment where Google’s staff could come to relax, discuss ideas, and brainstorm creative ways to gouge the Australian taxation system.

“Our employees are intelligent, creative, out-of-the-square types of thinkers, so we wanted to build a space where their thinking wouldn’t be restricted in any way. Our motto is, ‘when it comes to paying less tax, no idea’s a bad idea”.

Chad Lumby, VP of Tax Innovation, said the space – which includes foosball tables, relaxation pods, a lap pool, and an in-house movie theatre – allowed free-thinking and quiet reflection. “We don’t want to restrict our people in any way. They’re much more likely to think of new ways to avoid paying tax while they’re surfing in our custom-built wave pool than they are sitting at a desk”.

Google employee and Harvard graduate Jude Waite agrees. “My day today consisted of playing a few games of basketball, relaxing with a complimentary massage, and then devising strategies to get the company’s tax liability below that of the average working Australian. I couldn’t have done that at a normal company. I think this lab is definitely worth the $40 million investment”.

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