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Sport In 2025 To Be Just A Coin Toss And A Few Fireworks

In an effort to make them faster and more appealing to younger audiences, sports like tennis and cricket will be reduced to a coin toss, a fireworks display, and a post-match interview, the industry confirmed today.

“We’ve cut out the boring bits to get right to the essence of the sport,” a spokesperson said today.

Under the rules of the new format, an official will toss a coin, and the winning player will choose whether to serve or receive (or bat or bowl), before moving on to the post-match press conference. Fans will then be able to live Tweet  their questions about the match for their heroes to answer.

“People don’t have time to watch 20 overs of cricket or 4 games of tennis. This will be fast, exciting, and totally unpredictable. There’s literally no way of knowing who will win,” the spokesperson said.

Each game will be decided in under 60 seconds, with music, dancing and fireworks to keep crowds entertained during lulls in action.

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