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How The Abolition Of The Carbon Tax Changed My Life: Australian Women Share Their Stories

It’s the Government’s biggest achievement for women this year. We asked a group of Australian women to share their own stories about how the end of the carbon tax led to greater equality, better safety, and less prejudice.


“Equal pay was always going to be an uphill battle with the carbon tax in place”.

Olivia Dresden, Sydney


“The guys at work take me seriously now. They look me in the eye when they talk to me, not at my carbon tax”.

Wendy Whitehead, Melbourne


“Last year I lost out on a promotion to a man with less experience. But the abolition of the carbon tax has paved the way for my rise to CEO”.

Felicity Pollock, Sydney


“Yes, there were some overt carbon taxes that were hurtful. But it was actually the casual carbon taxes, the carbon taxes that popped up in every day situations, that affected me the most”.

Sam Walker, Horsham


“Childcare spots used to be so hard to find. That’s changed since Tony Abbott got rid of the carbon tax.”

Belinda Squires, Melbourne


“I’m judged on my talents now, not on what I’m wearing. That’s what scrapping the tax did for me”.

Susie Holt, Gold Coast


“I feel so much safer walking alone at night now that that scary big tax has been removed”.

Amy Tan, Newcastle


“I used to hate walking past building sites. All those guys staring at me and shouting ‘Show us your big new tax!’ That just doesn’t happen any more”.

Deb Krigos, Adelaide


“Since the carbon tax was abolished, the number of women in federal ministries in this country has increased by 100%. Fact.”

Unnamed Government spokeswoman, Canberra


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