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Obama Starting To Wish He Never Left Kenya

Responsible for the outbreak of Ebola and suffering a humiliating defeat in the midterm elections, US President Barack Obama is longing for the simple life of his childhood Kenyan village.

Republican leaders said they felt sorry for the 53 year-old African man, and suggested a return to his homeland might be the best medicine. “Life here for Mr Hussein-Obama has been difficult, no doubt about it,” a Republican spokesperson said.

“A return to the familiar surrounds of Kenya, where he can eat traditional Kenyan food, and practice his Islam amongst family and friends, might be just what he needs. We look forward to welcoming him back in the future, on holiday perhaps. Just as long as he doesn’t bring any diseases with him”.

Mr Obama agreed it might be the best course of action. “Life as a recent immigrant to the US has been harder than I thought,” he said.

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