Level Of Confected Outrage ‘ABSOLUTELY SICKENING’ Online Commenter Says

online commentor

A man has labelled as ‘absolutely disgusting’ the amount of contrived outrage that passes for comment these days.

“It’s repulsive,” John Ribley wrote in the comments section of a national media website, before tweeting his concerns, using the hashtag #disgrace. “Sorry, but this is just another example of what’s wrong with this country. People taking a non-issue and then turning it into some sort of major concern, as if they’re outraged by it. It’s absolutely sickening – someone should resign over this”.

He said it typified what was wrong with this country right now. “This manufactured outrage over the smallest thing is the worst thing that’s happened since WWII. Just awful”.

He said heads should roll. “As usual no-one is taking responsibility. People will die because of this”.


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