Renters Unveil World’s Tiniest Violin For Home Owners Whose Properties Have Fallen In Value

Renters across the nation unveiled the world’s tiniest violin today in a touching tribute to home owners suffering from dropping property values.

The ceremony kicked off with a heartfelt speech from the event’s MC, Ben Dover, a long-term Sydney renter.

“I really feel for the struggling landlords out there. I mean, it’s ok for me – I’m used to paying off their mortgages. But they have no idea what it’s like to have to earn the capital before it goes into an asset like that,” Mr Dover said.

During the ceremony, a symphony of tenants performed tributes to those hit hardest by the credit crunch: Owners of negatively geared investment properties.

Their moving renditions of popular songs included:

  • Money for nothing and my tax for free
  • Some property I used to own
  • Truly madly deeply in debt
  • One crowded property market
  • How deep is your lenders mortgage insurance
  • Better be home owners soon

Later in the evening, renters took to the stage to offer helpful tips to stressed home owners who must now figure out a way to repay $4000 a month for the next 30 years:

“If you can’t afford to pay back your loan, maybe save money by moving back in with your parents, sharing your bedroom with three other people, or selling your kidney,” one renter suggested.

“Realistically, you should probably cut back on the smashed avo and $5 lattes if you ever want to get ahead,” another said.

“Or, have you ever tried just making more money?” she added.


By Vivienne Mitchell 

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