Derelict Sydney Townhouse Listed For $1.5 Million, In Amusing April Fools Day Prank

A run-down two-bedroom flat without a toilet is asking $1.5 million, it has been revealed.

Pranksters listed the Glebe property on real estate websites in an apparent April fools day hoax.

“Haha! Nice one. $1.5 million for a place that looks like a meth lab. #AsIf #AprilFools” one person tweeted.

“Think you’ve accidentally added an extra zero,” another person wrote, apparently falling for the gag.

But property agent Ryan Trulo said he saw straight through the prank. “The idea that you could get a 2 bedder with four intact walls in inner Sydney for under $2 million is fanciful. Clearly a hoax,” he said.

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